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Innovation at Orbit/Comdex UBS e-banking services learn to walk and talk

About UBS

With UBS Quotes Mobile, clients can call up financial information from anywhere at any time - over a PDA (Palm, Visor, iPAQ, etc) or a WAP-capable mobile phone. Data and images are automatically formatted for the relevant display type.

As the name suggests, "UBS Voice" is a voice-activated information service that does away with the need to key in numbers. By voicing the functions they need, clients can issue broking instructions, as well as access order status, deposit, price and rate information. Account statement, recent account movements, and stock prices can also be called up verbally. Account transfers can also be authorised. UBS Voice can be accessed worldwide on +41 848 848 006. (Currently only available in German.)

Zurich / Basel, 25 September 2001