Project and grant areas

Children need help to escape the vicious cycle of poor health, lack of education, child abuse and long-term poverty. We are committed to findingthe smartest and most effective approaches.

Each of the projects we support is subjected to rigorous evaluation so that we can establish what does and does not work.

Child protection

Keeping kids safe

There are little global data about the scope and context of child maltreatment. We do know that it has a significant financial impact on countries - estimated at 124 billion dollars for the US alone each year. However, we have less information on the tremendous emotional and developmental costs it has on the lives of children who are abused.

To address the problem, we are working hard to shed light on the causes and impacts of child maltreatment by focusing on the following priorities:

Strengthen capacity

We capitalize on and add to local knowledge in order to bolster the efforts of program funders and implementers in tackling sexual abuse.

Build a culture of evidence

To deal with sexual abuse effectively, child protection policies must be based on evidence. We’re doing research at grass roots level within projects to build this knowledge base and develop assessment tools and best practices.

Create knowledge, communicate and advocate

Creating and sharing knowledge about child abuse will help to ensure that children are better protected in the future. We are helping to drive change by gathering and sharing information among all our stakeholders. This will improve policy and practice, boost funding and provide greater legal protection for children.