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Children need help to escape the vicious cycle of poor health, lack of education, child abuse and long-term poverty. We are committed to finding the smartest and most effective approaches.

Each of the projects we support is subjected to rigorous evaluation so that we can establish what does and does not work.

Child health

Child health

Approximately 7 million children still die every year from largely preventable causes, two-thirds of which are infectious diseases. Although this has fallen by 40 percent since 1990 thanks to worldwide action, we still need your support to save more lives.

We conducted extensive research to determine the areas where we can help most. Within child health we focus on three key areas:

First minutes of life

The period just before and after birth is the most precarious time for mothers and their babies. We are bringing down high mortality rates in mums and babies by delivering effective healthcare solutions.

Child-friendly care

Many children suffer due to a lack of basic nutrition and healthcare. We’re helping by reformulating healthcare and nutritional solutions to suit kids. We also make sure these solutions reach communities, however remote and poor.

Communities caring for kids

We work with native experts and frontline health workers who understand the local conditions which affect a community's health. Their knowledge ensures we find a solution that’s local and lasting.