Project and grant areas

Children need help to escape the vicious cycle of poor health, lack of education, child abuse and long-term poverty. We are committed to findingthe smartest and most effective approaches.

Each of the projects we support is subjected to rigorous evaluation so that we can establish what does and does not work.

Child education

Child education

Nearly 70 million children around the world remain out of school. More than 40% of those lucky enough to be in school are not able to read at a level appropriate for their age. We are helping to enhance the quality of education by focusing on the following areas:

Encouraging early education

Helping parents, educators and communities to embrace and understand early education.

Children fit for school

Giving teachers, administrators, parents and communities the skills and resources they need to create and support preschool programs and the transition from preschool to primary schools.

Schools fit for children

Giving schools the right equipment and helping them put systems in place so they can give children a quality education.