Factsheets Education and upbringing

Country Project Title Factsheet
Afghanistan Advancing Girls’ Education in Afghanistan 3893 (PDF, 105 KB)
Angola Combining education and football Opt1333 (PDF, 99 KB)
Brazil Improving Rural School Education Opt1419.01 (PDF, 116 KB)
China Early Childhood Art Education for Migrant Children 5954 (PDF, 82 KB)
China Promoting national rural ECCD programs in China 5030 (PDF, 81 KB)
Colombia The aeioTU Early Childhood Longitudinal Study 2828 (PDF, 118 KB)
Ghana/ India Extending Access to Quality Education for the Underserved 3892 (PDF, 107 KB)
Hong Kong 333 Learning Companion Leadership Program 3861 (PDF, 107 KB)
India Combined Health and Early Child Development Intervention Project 4272 (PDF, 101 KB)
India Education for Marginalised Deprived Children of Orissa - Phase - II 1631.01 (PDF, 149 KB)
Kenya Improved health outcomes for children and mothers 5035 (PDF, 119 KB)
Kenya Mobile Phones for Integrated Health and ECCD 5145 (PDF, 103 KB)
Laos Early Childhood Care and Education in Laos 3517 (PDF, 100 KB)
Lebanon Health and Education for Early Childhood in Arab Countries 4277 (PDF, 96 KB)
Liberia Providing access to education for girls and women in Liberia 1498 (PDF, 100 KB)
Liberia Parents make the difference 5108 (PDF, 106 KB)
Madagascar Preschool for all in Madagascar 2695 (PDF, 101 KB)
Mali Girls CAN- Promoting Secondary Education for Girls in West Africa 3681 (PDF, 100 KB)
Mali/Tanzania Increasing Female Secondary School Teachers in African Countries: Barriers and Policies 4626 (PDF, 125 KB)
Mozambique Strengthening rural primary schools Opt1598 (PDF, 115 KB)
Myanmar Early Childhood Development in Myanmar 1109 (PDF, 106 KB)
Philippines Teach for the Philippines 5702 (PDF, 108 KB)
Sierra Leone Addressing Youth Readiness in Sierra Leone 5253 (PDF, 94 KB)
Solomon Islands Combining education and football Opt508 (PDF, 117 KB)
South Africa Developing talents through creative play 254 (PDF, 129 KB)
South Africa The Integrated Childhood Development Initiative 1151 (PDF, 271 KB)
Sri Lanka Young woman and child education in S.E. Sri-Lanka 1357 (PDF, 129 KB)
Tanzania Zungumza Na Mtoto Mchanga - ZUMM (Talk to Your Baby) 5677
Thailand Early childhood care and education for migrant children in Thailand Opt1452.01 (PDF, 75 KB)
Turkey A Fair Start for Young Children in Turkish Rural Communities 1640.01