Factsheets Child protection

Country Project Title Factsheet
Australia Growing Respect Across Australia 3511 (PDF, 100 KB)
China Development of child protection network and protocol in China 2438 (PDF, 79 KB)
Colombia Protecting Early Childhood from Sexual Abuse 3137 (PDF, 109 KB)
Germany "ECHT KRASS". Interactive touring exhibition against violence 389 (PDF, 103 KB)
Ghana Promoting child rights, mining settlements, Ghana 3143 (PDF, 115 KB)
Malawi Securing the Protection of Children in Malawi 1111 (PDF, 93 KB)
Mexico Creating Sanctuary: A community-based solution to child abuse 3110 (PDF, 110 KB)
Mozambique Este corpo é meu' (my body belongs to me) - Prevention of child sexual abuse 1110 (PDF, 106 KB)
Nepal Promoting parental skills and resilient resources 3439 (PDF, 117 KB)
Russian Federation Strengthening of Russian and Belarus Child Protection System 2352 (PDF, 107 KB)
South Africa Violence Prevention & Education in South African Schools 3368 (PDF, 82 KB)
Switzerland Swiss Project Fund for Child Protection Opt1522.01 (PDF, 115 KB)
Thailand Protecting At-risk Adolescent Girls from Sexual Violence 3133 (PDF, 109 KB)
Uganda Linking Communities, Strengthening Responses 3723 (PDF, 79 KB)
Worldwide An Innovative Global Approach to Child Safe Organisations 3165 (PDF, 121 KB)
Worldwide Building a culture of evidence 5539 (PDF, 124 KB)
Worldwide Children & Violence, Evaluation Challenge Fund 4011 (PDF, 87 KB)
Worldwide Children, Education, and Sexual Violence during Armed Conflict 3086 (PDF, 119 KB)
Worldwide Global status report on violence prevention 5540 (PDF, 123 KB)
Worldwide Guidelines for Applying for Funding in the New Evidence-Based Culture 5607 (PDF, 77 KB)
Worldwide Optimus Study, Protection through knowledge 1546 (PDF, 79 KB)