Financial Intermediaries

Who we are You challenge, we solve

You and your clients expect superior service and personalized offerings. And you need a team that is agile to meet and anticipate your requirements. We provide a team of global specialists who will identify opportunities for you to deliver on your strategy. Plus we're always on top of what lies ahead for the future of the industry. This helps you to continually refine your business strategy and present a strong offer to your clients.

Global access Sometimes, bigger is better

Wealth opportunities are all around us. Your job is to design effective wealth strategies and seize opportunities for your clients. You need a diversified approach to asset allocation and, moreover, access to the world’s best investment products that evolve with market developments.

Thanks to our worldwide reach, we can provide local experts in 13 booking centers globally. If you have a complex situation, then we're the right people to talk to.

Our solutions for you We provide sharp opinions. You make the smart decisions.

In an ever-changing and volatile world, opportunities abound. But you must have the right tools and opinions to take advantage of them. You understand the financial objectives and risk tolerance of your clients. And take decisions on when and where to invest. We provide superior solutions for you and your clients.

For your peace of mind and time with your clients For your peace of mind and time with your clients

At UBS Global Financial Intermediaries, we share your passion for delivering the best results for your clients.

Through a detailed understanding of your unique needs, we mobilize UBS's unparalleled capabilities for you and your clients:

  • Global reach in 66 advisory locations in over 50 countries worldwide
  • In-depth wealth management expertise, combined with investment banking and asset management capabilities
  • Tradition of banking excellence and dedication to superior client experience

At your service. Anytime, anywhere.

As an independent financial advisor or multifamily office, your needs are at the heart of our business. At UBS Global Financial Intermediaries, our global teams are dedicated to helping you navigate financial markets with confidence. And our technology allows you to execute investment strategies at speed. No matter where you are in the world, and no matter how complex your business may be.