Your access to a wealth of expertise

Your access to a wealth of expertise Family

Turn your success into a family tradition.

  • How can I engage the next generation
    for our family business?
  • What are the family dynamics beyond succession
    planning and legal structures?
  • What ownership structures have paid off?

As a member of YPO-WPO, you appreciate the value of a global network and the access to first-hand expertise and education. This is what the global partnership of YPO and UBS aims to offer - unique opportunities for learning and collaboration, and access to peers, experts and inspiring experiences.

Family owned businesses have been continuously outperforming public traded companies. This brings you as a business owner a significant competitive advantage. Shouldn‘t you prevent this advantage for future generations? On the other side only 12% of the family owned companies survive the 3rd generation. The first step in the process to prevail your company starts with a conversation.

As successful entrepreneurs you know your company from inside out and therefore can maximize your risk/return for the capital you have invested in your own company. Throughout the life cycle of your company you might however come upon phases of growth that require you to leave the comfort zone. Be it for growth, consolidation or succession, we gladly share our experience on a variety of topics.

If you seek educational content on investment topics, we are happy to share the insights of a financial institution with more than 150 years of experience. We are aware of the different levels of financial expertise and involvement that YPO members bring along. Therefore, anything from a basic introduction to a specialist session is available to you, depending on your background and interest.

What is it that inspires and drives you? In our experience, when you do not re-invest all profits back into your business, you will often seek other ways in which your funds can deliver a lasting return, for you, your family and others: areas of interest that you are passionate about, or causes that are close to your heart. Whether through in-house experts or external partners, we are happy to support meaningful YPO member conversations.