The 2022 GenderSmart Investing Summit

We are delighted to be the primary sponsor of the 2022 GenderSmart Investing Summit again this year. Refresh your knowledge of the 2021 key takeaways before this year’s event.

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As founding partners of the recent GenderSmart Investing Summit(1-11th Feb, 2021), please see some of the highlights and the views of Paul Donovan, our global chief economist, and social entrepreneur and UBS Global Visionary, Vicki Saunders.

2021 Summit Insights Report

We were delighted to be founding sponsors of the GenderSmart Investing Summit 2021 (1-11 February) and to see so many players come together on a global scale for the second time. By 2023, 34 percent of the world’s wealth will be held by women. More than ever, women want to use their wealth and their entrepreneurial skills to change the world and have a positive impact on society and, in doing so, support other women in business. 

We believe that women want to use their wealth to help tackle some of the biggest societal challenges facing the world, from climate change to racial justice and social equality. It is our mission to help that change happen; we want to transform the financial services industry so women entrepreneurs, clients and investors can access the right insights, advice and services to achieve their wealth ambitions. And if we can do this for all women, we can scale our learnings for all minority groups and best serve future wealth.

Watch here to find out why it is so important to us.

As part of the Summit, Paul Donovan, Chief Economist at UBS Global Wealth Management, spoke at the media roundtable (1st Feb, 2021) about how the global economy is undergoing a significant structural change - “the fourth industrial revolution” - and how, in order to get the most out of people, prejudice needs to be contained, and diversity and inclusion promoted. He says, “If we are going to seize the opportunities that technology offers, economies need to have the right person, in the right job, at the right time. That could mean employing the best person, but equally it could mean giving the right entrepreneur access to capital. Prejudice in employment means companies are throwing away potential.”

Gender & Climate Investment: A strategy for unlocking a sustainable future (a GenderSmart publication)

Vicki Saunders is the founder of SheEO and UBS Global Visionary, and delivered at the Summit an inspirational ‘ignite’ talk about her view on what is happening in the world from the perspective of female entrepreneurs. She shares here how she has a long list of fascinating experiments around the world that women are running, rethinking elements of every single SDG, leading from their heart, in relationship with their community, with deep and meaningful and global impact. She says, “As the old world is dying and the new is yet to be born, the work we have in front of us is non-habitual, is uncomfortable, is challenging, and YOU and WE can do this. The work starts with each one of us trusting, coming from the heart, in relationship with one another. Together when we tend and befriend and keep your capital in flow for the good of the whole, we can create the new world”

Read about our latest developments in the world of gender finance:

Since 2017, UBS has been working to support SDG5 to achieve gender equality and the expansion of female empowerment.

Watch here to understand a little more about what was covered at the Summit with some key themes that came from the 11 days of workshop sessions, attended by 500 people from 53 countries. For more information about the Summit please see here

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