Finding an organ donor can be tremendously difficult, and many people don’t know enough about the process. (UBS)

In mid-2023, Bill Carroll, Head of Sales & Development, WM USA, received the shock of his life. His doctors told him he needed a rapid kidney transplant as soon as possible.

Finding a match for such a life-saving procedure is extremely challenging, with an average transplant waiting time of three to five years, according to the National Kidney Foundation – far too long for Bill. But the search was on, both near and far, for a living donor that would qualify.

“My wife had saved my life already eight years earlier when I suffered kidney failure the first time. I didn’t think I was going to get another chance at life,” Bill said.

Bill, who recently celebrated his 20th year with UBS, has developed a dedicated and supportive network. When word spread about Bill’s predicament, around 30 UBS colleagues stepped forward to get tested to see if they were a match.

Jane Schwartzberg, Head of Teaming and Talent Development, WM USA, and a member of Bill’s team wanted to help. Jane, who has battled breast cancer, understood the importance of life-saving surgery. With her commitment and support from the Carroll family, one lucky match was found – close colleague Lane Strumlauf, Market Executive for UBS Private Wealth Management in the Southeast Market.

“We pulled out all the stops to save Bill’s life. The response was nothing short of astounding because Bill has profoundly impacted so many lives,” Jane said.

Lane, who has been with UBS for more than 16 years (and has known Bill for the same amount of time), graciously and courageously answered the call for his dear friend, leaving Bill emotional and thankful.

And on 5 September 2023, a life-changing surgery took place. The two then spent four days together at Bill’s New Jersey home recovering from the surgery. Our Group CEO, Sergio P. Ermotti, called both men to acknowledge the significance of what they had accomplished. And just a few weeks later, Bill was able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding in October 2023. Today, both Bill and Lane are now back at work and doing incredibly well.

Raising awareness about kidney donations

As Bill and Lane have highlighted in press interviews, finding an organ donor can be tremendously difficult, and many people don’t know enough about the process. “I’m incredibly grateful for the public attention our story has received because it will hopefully inspire others to understand the incredible need for organ donors and, possibly, even to consider being one,” said Bill.

“Before Bill, I hadn’t even done the minimum to sign up as an organ donor,” said Lane. He continued, “But it’s so easy to do, and you can save a life.”

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Main contributor: Evan Stern

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