Our Services for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Your aspiration is our inspiration

You have a bold vision of what your world should look like, and your great wealth reflects that vision. For us it's all about understanding what drives you and your success. Purpose, ambition, your outlook on life and your loved ones.

By understanding your motivations, core values and ambitions, we can begin to create your very own bespoke solutions based on our four dimensions of Great Wealth – business, investments, family, and purpose.

Shaping Great Wealth


Unlocking opportunities

Devised from innovative thinking and deep understanding. You expect bold and innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs. You decide to which level you delegate decisions to us. Let us be your sounding board to create new opportunities, explore risks, and strive for reward.

Benefit from our ambition to deliver outstanding solutions, based on specialist knowledge, industry-leading investment analysis, and relentless focus on delivery.

CIO - The Great Wealth House View. We identify and communicate investment opportunities as well as market risks to support you in preserving and growing your wealth.

Solutions to manage and advise - Our global capabilities allow us to define an investment strategy that works for you. All of our decisions are informed by our CIO House View and followed up with a rigorous monitoring process.

We provide direct access to a comprehensive suite of personalised services to our UHNW clients - with senior specialists on hand around the clock to provide bespoke market insights. Our access to private markets provides opportunities for the most entrepreneurial investor.


Expanding success over new horizons

Your business success is the foundation on which to build something even greater.

This is why you value unrivalled partnerships with teams as passionate about your business as you. Partner with us to transform your business into long-lasting family success. Building on our institutional level expertise.

Support across the business lifecycle.

Transitioning from one stage to the next can have a significant impact on the success or failure of an organization. Every phase of a business’s lifecycle produces a set of unique challenges. We can be your strategic partner on that journey. We will support you across every new stage of the development of your organization, providing institutional-level expertise, advisory and comprehensive financial services to meet your needs.


Successful and lasting family legacies

Like success, a legacy isn't built overnight. It demands long-term partnerships that build on understanding and trust, for us the foundations of shaping Great Wealth.

We understand that a shared identity and a common set of values are essential to create a successful, lasting legacy.

Legacies must have the strength and flexibility to respond to market movements, regulatory and taxation changes.

We can facilitate the conversation and strategy that translates your intentions and wishes into a tangible plan for future generations. We offer deep expertise across the different ways that a bond between family and firm can be structured. Businesses held across generations provide the backbone for strong values, complemented by family charters or similar governance aids. We provide an expert partnership to help you navigate what is needed today to prepare appropriately for tomorrow.

We open a dialogue and begin a partnership across generations for generations.


Passion and Purpose

It’s not only who you know, but what connects you to each other. Sharing your passions means nurturing them to let them evolve into the new opportunities.


Some philanthropists seek direct involvement with their beneficiaries. Others prefer to remain behind the scenes. Whatever your motives, needs and expectations, our structured advisory approach will ensure that your philanthropy is personal, impactful and rewarding. We also connect you with like-minded philanthropists to spark innovation and drive greater outcomes.


Art is a passion, and there are several ways of cultivating that passion. To help you navigate the complexities of the art market, we provide assistance with buying and selling works of art, management of collections, due diligence support on works of art and also analysis and research on the art market. Connect with like-minded peers at our passion events.