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Why UBS?

Integrated bank with global reach and local presence in 21 countries

8 dedicated family office hubs Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong
Europe: London, Zürich, Geneva, Milan, Munich
USA: New York

Holistic, institutionalized coverage for sophisticated family offices

A unique global joint venture between Investment Bank and Global Wealth Management

Dedicated in-house teams

Billionaires Report 2020

In its seventh edition, the report provides in-depth insights into the wealth of over 2,000 billionaires across the world, and the shape of their wealth in turbulent times.

Global Family Office Report 2020

This is the first of our annual in-house UBS reports on the activity of family offices. Our report focuses on 121 of the world’s largest single family offices, covering a total net worth of USD 142.4bn.

Chinese Family Office and Wealth Management Report, 2020

The Chinese Family Office and Wealth Management Report, 2020 report surveys 76 Chinese family members, senior family office executives, and family wealth managers within the region.

Knowledge empowers

Drawing on expertise from across our global organization, UBS provides timely, up-to-date and appropriate advice to enable you to make informed investment decisions. Dedicated in-house teams focus fully on ensuring you always have the big picture combined with the strategic advice most relevant to your individual situation

Integrated approach

The world is more connected than ever. Our joint venture with Investment Bank and Global Wealth Management supports you and your corporate holdings. You will have access to leading Investment Bank offering solutions, capabilities in advisory, capital markets, financing and restructuring.

Institutional advantage

UBS has over 130 professionals worldwide who deliver a comprehensive research offering tailored exclusively to private investors.

A unique proposition – Global Family Office Group

With our global joint venture between UBS Investment Bank and Global Wealth Management, we provide an holistic, institutionalized coverage for sophisticated family offices.

Access to:

Institutional offerings from in house and 3rd party providers.

State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure platforms.

Management dialogues at UBS Group level and demonstrating impact.


In-depth exchange of know-how with an extensive peer network of global family office contacts.

Operational excellence for swift and reliable execution.


Innovative and tailored solutions to your needs.

More about family offices:

What is a family office?

A family office is, in its simplest form, the private office for a family of significant wealth.

The purpose of an office can range from handling key family assets and core holdings (tax and accountancy, property and estate management) to include more sophisticated wealth management structures, while often providing family members with educational, professional and lifestyle services.

Generally, family offices manage key areas of family assets, including real estate holdings and direct or indirect investments, tax consolidation and estate management, serving as the central hub for a family’s legacy, governance and succession communication.

Who would benefit from using a family office?

Families with private wealth in excess of USD 150 million are ideal candidates for establishing a single family office structure.

While it is not uncommon for first-generation entrepreneurs to establish a family office, family offices often support families with more complexity in terms of number of households and generations. This is a key characteristic of family office structures and one that offices must account for when designing and executing investment strategies and family governance plans

A typical family office…

Affords structure to the management of family wealth, establishing increased control and oversight of the family wealth strategy and costs of managing investments

Consolidates tax, accountancy and wealth management reporting execution under one roof
Provides a clearly-articulated, efficient governance framework for investment decision making, as well as family legacy and succession functions (including philanthropic foundations and initiatives)
Coordinates with service providers, achieving economies of scale (especially in the case of multi family offices) and preferential deal access and products
Ensures confidentiality and privacy for family members, liberating them from the burden of wealth.