Investment opportunities

Take advantage of a broad international offering

Discretionary programs

Delegate your international investments to our experienced experts

Advisory programs

Make your own investment decisions with support from UBS experts

Investment process

The strength of a program approach lies in a structured investment process

The UBS-SFA investment process

This process combines a top-down asset allocation with bottom-up security selection and is designed to generate above-average, sustainable, long-term performance with acceptable levels of risk.

Our Investment Management team is staffed by more than 15 highly experienced, fulltime financial professionals, who design our high quality, well-diversified portfolios.

The investment process is overseen by an Investment Committee made up of six financial professionals with extensive investment and banking experience. This committee includes the Head UBS-SFA and the Chief Investment Officer** of UBS-SFA. Together, these experts define the strategic and tactical asset allocation for each program. Working with our large network of international financial analysts, they find and select the securities that best reflect the tactical allocation (always with an eye to the specific needs of US investors). These are then provided to you and your adviser to form the basis of your own, customized portfolio.