We share the 10 most popular Market News articles of 2022.(UBS)

The UBS US Office of Public Policy provides a cheat sheet for understanding what taxes are in and out of this landmark federal law.

When it comes to taking action in response to market volatility, the key to success is to focus on things that are within your control: your asset allocation and your financial plan. The UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO) shares five strategies that retirees can implement during periods of market volatility to protect their wealth and take advantage of opportunities.

Our savings waterfall helps you to prioritize your savings across multiple account types, prioritizing after-tax growth potential.

Economic confidence remains fragile, and we see strong headwinds to US growth both over the rest of this year and into 2023. But after that the bull case of a “Roaring ‘20s” remains on the table, supported by long-term positive forces. These secular trends support our view that investors should be selective, rather than sitting on the sidelines.

In searching for an ideal IRA distribution strategy, CIO looks for opportunities to help you reduce the “tax drag” on your assets and harness the full potential power of compounding growth. They explore this topic and share strategies you can discuss with your financial advisor in the latest Modern Retirement Monthly report.

Although your 401(k)'s lifetime income illustrations are intended to position retirement plan communications in a way that is more helpful to investors, it's likely that they will raise more questions than answers because their generic assumptions will likely fail to capture most investors’ situations. CIO shares how you can get a better understanding of where you stand.

Whether you are on the path to retirement, or already retired, the 2022 Retirement Guide provides important information on making the most of your hard-earned savings.

Investors have poured the most money into cash since 2020 as global market declines are keeping them on the sidelines. But CIO continues to advise against doing so amid elevated inflation. They recommend a selective approach to adding exposure, favoring defensives, alternatives and opportunities in the era of security.

The IRS released inflation-adjusted marginal rates and brackets for 2023 in October, and many workers will see higher take-home pay in the new year as less tax is withheld from their paychecks.

Since many retirees will find that healthcare costs make up a significant share of their spending during retirement, it's becoming increasingly important to build healthcare costs into your retirement plan. Here are specific steps that you can take to be more confident in your ability to meet your spending needs throughout your retirement years.