June 2018 Magic moments in Miami

Social Gastronomy Movement's second meeting

Photo: Jhony Jimenez Sanabria

Following its launch at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, the Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) has held a second meeting in Miami, bringing together 70 leaders from the food industry.

The brainchild of Global Visionary David Hertz, the SGM uses food to promote social integration, opportunity and education in gastronomy, nutrition and food waste.

The Miami event saw chefs and restaurant owners come together with entrepreneurs, educators and government representatives for a three-day immersive discussion and networking session.

The participants also visited the Harpke Family Farm to harvest organic ingredients that were then prepared for 250 homeless people at the community restaurant, Camillus House.

David Hertz said the purpose of the meeting was to "create a shared vision among all to guide a decentralized and multicultural movement capable of leveraging projects that use gastronomy as a tool for social transformation."

"Through this network that begins to form, best practices will be shared to build a food chain centred on human beings and social inclusion. From a clear and well-defined plan of action, it will be possible to impact and improve the lives of millions of people."

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