June 2018 Health hackathon

Could YOU improve access to surgery?

Global Visionary Neema Kaseje is inviting young techies to submit their ideas to improve access to surgical care in sub-Saharan Africa.

In Kenya, just 1% of children who need an operation are able to access one; barriers among communities include distance from a hospital and not recognizing the child's health needs; while medics lack paediatric expertise and kit.

Neema hopes that technology can be leveraged to connect vulnerable populations with their health systems to improve access to surgical services.

She says projects must be innovative and impactful – but also feasible and contextually appropriate.

Applicants should be individuals up to 30 years of age and not hold more than a Bachelor's degree.

The deadline for proposals is 21 June so if you have a possible solution, don't hang around.

Find out more and apply on this link: https://solutions4surgery.wixsite.com/s4sa

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