October 2017 'I wanted to help'

Head of UBS Brazil becomes iamtheCODE champion

UBS has been working with iamtheCODE founder Mariéme Jamme since she became a Global Visionary in 2016 – now Sylvia Coutinho, Head of UBS in Brazil, has become an iamtheCODE Champion.

Sylvia has worked in banking for three decades and also brings experience of impact causes, including the Brazil Foundation, the Ayrton Senna Institute and Women of Brazil.

iamtheCODE teaches IT skills to young people in marginalized societies with an eventual aim of building a generation of a million women and girl coders by 2030.

Sylvia told us how she met Mariéme just before the Brazil launch of iamtheCODE: "I immediately connected to her cause and wanted to help somehow."

As well as being an advocate, Sylvia aims to help the group increase its reach and through this expansion help thousands of women around the world get out of very difficult conditions.

"The intention is to have Mariéme here as often as possible to help boost the efforts not only in the Sao Paulo region but across Brazil, which is a continent-sized country and very much in need of actions such as these."

More about Mariéme: