Sustainable water solutions

Stanley Samuel, ECOSOFTT founder and CEO

Water poverty is affecting developed and developing nations alike.

  • ECOSOFTT is a social enterprise that aims to address the global challenge of water shortage, scarcity and quality by providing modular, water-management solutions. These enable communities to be self-reliant, water secure and sustainable.
  • They say they reduce fresh water intake and footprint by over 50%; reclaim, recycle and reuse over 80% of used water and discharge the surplus in an environmentally-friendly way to replenish sources or give to others.
  • So far ECOSOFTT has delivered more than 50 projects, providing safe drinking water to more than 5,000 people; reduced fresh water intake by almost five-million litres per day; and reclaimed millions of litres of dirty water for re-use.
  • They've also transformed the lives of more than a thousand women and girls who have returned to school or learnt economically-useful skills, because they no longer spend hours each day collecting water.
  • ECOSOFTT's vision is by 2050 to treat over one-trillion litres of water per day; enable 10,000 communities to become water smart; and protect, clean and restore a thousand water bodies.

ECOSOFTT works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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