Promoting peace in Africa

Victor Ochen, African Youth Initiative Network founder

It's my vision that Africa will one day become a
continent of peace.

  • African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) is a Uganda-based non-profit that provides conflict survivors with medical and psychosocial rehabilitation; empowers youth and prevents their radicalisation; and facilitates dialogue to encourage peace and reconciliation among historically divided societies.
  • Victor was motivated by his own experience of being born and raised in a warzone: "It’s my hope that I will be the last generation to witness such suffering and also be part of the first generation to promote conflict prevention."
  • Northern Uganda was plagued by over 20 years' of conflict between the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels and the government. More than two-million people were displaced1 and the LRA was notorious for abducting 60,000 children to serve as soldiers and sex slaves.
  • Over the past 13 years, AYINET has facilitated reconstructive surgery for more than 20,000 victims of mutilation, torture and gunshot. 
  • AYINET has worked with partners including the UN2, USAID, and the EU on short-term projects and now aims to build a permanent Peace Academy to host its mediation and conflict prevention work. AYINET is also a UBS Optimus grantee3.

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African Youth Initiative works towards this UN Sustainable Development Goal:

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