Life-saving surgery for children

Neema Kaseje, Surgical Systems Research Group founder

In Kenya, just 1% of children needing surgical care can access it.

  • The Surgical Systems Research Group (SSRG) aims to rapidly increase access to safe, timely and affordable paediatric surgical care by developing solutions that reduce barriers to accessing children's surgical care.
  • Among communities, barriers include poverty, lack of knowledge and distance from a hospital; while health systems lack child-specific expertise and equipment.
  • Globally two-billion children cannot access surgery, leading to millions of deaths every year. For example, in Kenya, only 1% of children who need an operation can get one and SSRG's survey suggested that 15% of households contained a child needing surgical care.
  • SSRG has a multi-pronged solution: teaching parents and communities to recognize when children would benefit from surgery; alongside specialist training, equipment and infrastructure for medics.
  • Neema is an award-winning paediatric surgeon and WEF Young Global leader.

Surgical Systems Research Group works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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