Families not orphanages

Lucy Buck, Child's i Foundation Founder and CEO

My vision is a world where orphanages are confined to the history books, where all children grow in the love and safety of a family.

  • Child's i Foundation is working to repurpose orphanages into services that support children growing up in safe and loving families.
  • Lucy left a successful TV career to volunteer at an orphanage in Uganda and was inspired to set up her own, better institution. She then discovered there was "no such thing as a good orphanage" because children suffer stunted development, emotional harm, abuse and exploitation.
  • Globally, there are eight million children in orphanages including 50,000 in Uganda - most of them have relatives who could care for them given support, says Lucy.
  • Child's i Foundation works with the government to replace orphanages with community services including national adoption and social work training to help safely transition children to families and communities.
  • To date, Child's I Foundation has worked with 168 orphanages and supported them to return more than 2,000 children to families.

Child's i Foundation works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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