Job bootcamps for dropouts

Zhihan Lee, CEO of BagoSphere

We believe there is immense potential in youths if only they are given the opportunity and resources.

  • BagoSphere helps disadvantaged youths in the Philippines launch transformational careers.
  • It offers 'last mile education' to simplify the process from enrolment to being hired. They deconstruct what employers need, run immersive, experiential training programs and connect students directly with employers.
  • In the Philippines, only 30% of school leavers go onto higher education – and then 40% of them drop out. Even among the half a million who graduate each year there are huge jobs/skills mismatches.
  • Before setting up BagoSphere in 2012, Zhihan Lee worked at a Swedish medical-tech start-up and a social enterprise in involved in IT outsourcing in rural India.
  • His accolades include being a 2017 Ashoka Global Fellow and a 2016 Global Good Fund Fellow.

BagoSphere works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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