Lessons in employability

Tom Ravenscroft, Founder and CEO of The Skills Builder Partnership

It has never been more important to invest in building a set of essential skills in our children.

  • The Skills Builder Partnership helps children gain the enterprise skills valued by employers but not traditionally taught at school. It brings together schools, teachers, employers and youth organisations – in all, an international network of 500+ organisations, 10,000+ educators and 200,000+ learners. 
  • Founder Tom was inspired by his experience teaching at a deprived school in Hackney in East London and being frustrated by the gap between education and the world of work. Pupils often struggled to articulate their ideas, work with others, solve problems or achieve their goals. Meanwhile, undergraduates floundered without the structures and support offered by schools, and employers complained they couldn't recruit young people with employability skills.
  • He developed a curriculum based on eight essential skills for success: Listening; presenting; problem solving; creativity; staying positive; aiming high; leadership; and teamwork.
  • The Partnership also links with local employers, who host inspiring workplace trips to give students a taste of the world of work.
  • Tom has won several awards including UK Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year and Teach First Excellence Award (both 2009) and an Ashoka fellowship (2017).

The Skills Builder Partnership works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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