Living to 700 years

Sanjiv Rai, Founder of Genic.AI

There is always a reason behind our death. And that reason begins much earlier in our lifespan.

  • Genic.AI carries out DNA testing on a saliva sample to find out which conditions a person is most susceptible to, for example if he or she is pre-disposed to diabetes.
  • They say people can then use that information to manage the risk of developing those conditions, by considering nutrition and exercise.
  • Sanjiv started Genic.AI after his father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and then died 22 days later, having been symptomless before diagnosis.
  • He says he could not believe that modern technology had not led to a systematic method of detection.
  • His background is in artificial intelligence, rather than healthcare; he used an algorithm to analyze online clinical research to discover that certain conditions are present years before symptoms appear.

Genic.AI works towards this UN Sustainable Development Goal:

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