Heal oceans with big data

Nishan Degnarain, Chair of WEF Ocean Special Initiative

There is a real risk that by 2050 over a half of the coral reefs we have today will disappear.

  • Nishan is chairman of the World Economic Forum's Ocean Special Initiative, which focuses on issues such as: seafood traceability; the consequences of deep-sea mining; and encouraging entrepreneurship in ocean conservation.
  • Oceans comprise 99% of the planet's living space by volume and have absorbed 93% of global warming heat generated in the past 150 years.
  • Nishan's day-to-day role is at the Ocean4IR Initiative which brings together private and public stakeholders to build technology solutions for the oceans leveraging satellite, bio tech and big data.
  • Ocean4IR is developing pilots to ensure 30% of the oceans are marine protected areas and that tools exist to enforce this via seafood traceability.
  • Successes include securing the world’s largest private sector agreement to safeguard oceans, as part of the UN Declaration on Tuna Traceability, and the creation of a Special Envoy for the Ocean – the first time the UN Secretary General has done so.

WEF Ocean Special Initiative works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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