Africa is open for business

Helen Hai, CEO of Made in Africa Initiative

Africa can become the next manufacturing hub for global markets.

  • Made in Africa Initiative advises African companies and governments on commercial industrialization.
  • It says African countries can benefit from the relocation of 85 million jobs from China to jumpstart their economic transformation.
  • Helen Hai is a UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador and became a WEF Young Global Leader in 2015.
  • She set up a shoe factory in Ethiopia in 2011 and within two years had recruited 4,000 local workers. She then co-founded C&H Garments which has a presence in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Senegal.
  • Helen was inspired by witnessing how China's industrialization lifted 680 million people out of poverty.

Made in Africa Initiative works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Helen Hai's updates:

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