Swiss chocolate firm owned by Peruvian farmers

Christoph Inauen, Co-Founder Choba Choba

We tackle the systemic problem of the chocolate industry and want to set an example how it could work

  • Choba Choba is the first Swiss chocolate brand co-owned and co-managed by the cocoa farmers - instead of being material suppliers, they have a direct stake in the company.
  • They want to address the power imbalance where three companies control 75% of the $100bn global chocolate business, while most of the six million cocoa farmers earn less than $2 per day.
  • Christoph and fellow co-founder Eric Garnier met the cacao farmers of the Alto Huayabamba Valley through their previous jobs in the fair trade chocolate industry.
  • Five percent of sales are allocated to their ‘Revolution Fund’ and transferred to the communities in direct payouts and in the form of shares, allowing the farmers to have an increasingly strong voice and eventually gain a majority in Choba Choba.
  • The company creates premium chocolate for connoisseurs - each cocoa variety is processed separately by a top Swiss maker, and products are traceable back to the two communities responsible.

Choba Choba works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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