Cultivating communities

Bjorn Low, Co-founder of Edible Garden City

Nature is a very good teacher. It teaches the principle of balance.

  • Edible Garden City champions the urban farming movement by growing food in under-utilized spaces such as rooftops and empty lots under viaducts.
  • Co-founder Bjorn and team started out in Singapore which is land-scarce and heavily dependent on imports.
  • They aim to address issues including food security and sustainability; inefficiencies in production; the public's lack of awareness of the global food system; underemployment of disadvantaged people; and urban waste management.
  • They believe that growing food re-connects urbanites with natures, conserves natural resources and cultivates a sense of community.
  • They use an educational framework including technology and sustainable practices to train future urban farmers.

Edible Garden City works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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