Modernizing democracy

Alexander Torrenegra, Founder of Neocratia (formerly Democrracy)

I should be able to remove [my vote] delegation at any time. I shouldn’t have to wait like we do under the current system where officials are elected for around five years.

  • Neocratia is an online platform that enables communities to build a democratic system adapted to the modern world.
  • Citizens can directly propose, influence and vote on laws – or delegate their vote if they are not available or confident on a topic. They can also withdraw that delegation at any time.
  • Alexander came up with the idea after seeing the inefficiency of government decision-making – and witnessing the corruption of officials.
  • He says trust in political parties has declined in much of the world and democracy needs to be upgraded to be more honest and avoid reactionary populism.
  • Alexander is a Colombian entrepreneur who founded multiple companies including Torrenegra Labs, Voice123, VoiceBunny and Torre. He is part of the Stanford University Leadership Program and featured in MIT's Top Innovators Under 35 in 2012.

Neocratia works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goal:

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