Access to Products and Services

With UBS, you have an active international partner who offers you an extensive range of products and services. Our open architecture also allows you to access third-party products and service providers.

Products and services available for you and your clients

Custody and reporting

  • Performance and asset allocation
  • High quality reporting

Investment solutions and leverage

  • Open architecture
  • Multi asset classes (including structured products)
  • Financing: Lombard loans and mortgages

Brokerage and direct access

  • Main market places in Europe, Asia and America
  • Direct access to investment specialists


  • Access to Wealth Management Research
  • Access to Investment Bank Research

IT infrastructure

  • Online services for you as financial intermediary (e-Banking, Quotes)
  • e-Banking for your clients


  • Advisory in 5 languages
  • Fully-fledged services
  • High quality of execution


  • Events during the year dedicated for FIM globally