Fund Initiators and Managers

If you would like to manage your own fund or product family with your own brand name and take over the fund management or let specialists handle it, then our private label  fund services are the ideal solution for you.

You benefit from our extensive experience and can avoid having to build up the necessary resources internally.

The services we can offer you include:

  • Lifecycle management - professional support throughout the entire lifecycle of the fund
  • Advice on the selection of a Master KAG (German investment company which sets up German investment funds for independent asset managers)
  • Launch of the fund within just a few weeks (starting volumes from EUR 10 million)
  • Set-up the fund with WM Data Services, open the depositories and provide advice on the establishment of unit classes
  • Registration and processing of the fund units with the desired banks or fund platforms
  • Issuing commission can be defined for each requesting bank or platform
  • Precise statement and credit for the accumulated issuing fees for the asset fund
  • Automatic dispatch of all subscriptions and redemptions to the e-mail address of your choice
  • Confirmation of the net asset value calculated by the KAG for publication
  • Review and debiting of all major costs of the asset fund as per the sales prospectus
  • Implementation of and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Global financial product expertise and an open and transparent product architecture
  • Attractive retrocession fees for UBS and third-party funds
  • Quarterly settlement and payment of retrocession fees for funds booked with UBS Deutschland AG
  • Calculation of payments based on each individual fund
  • Professional processing of the entire cash settlement with all distributors
  • Ensured reclamation of withholding tax and exemption of the fund

  • Excellent UBS Connect e-banking tool with real time data on the individual fund positions and transactions
  • Comprehensive reporting functions
  • Securities and foreign exchange trading until 8:00 pm by arrangement

Our capital market and product specialists provide you with broad-based advice and can support you in selecting and creating individual solutions geared to your specific requirements such as:

  • The design and booking of tailored structured products starting at just EUR 10,000
  • Information on investment instruments with capital protection to supplement portfolio returns
  • The development of hedging and optimization strategies
  • Invitations to events about the capital market and product-related topics with world-renowned analysts and strategists
  • Access to the Quotes platform for UBS Research, price information, FundFinder and much more