Banks and Insurance Companies

You want innovative, flexible and secure solutions to satisfy your needs. As a global bank, we give you a broadly diversified selection of options from which you can choose the components that will best support your business. Take a look what we can offer to you.

We only provide innovative and first-class services:

The following features allow you to lower your expenses and maximize your profits:

  • Attractive retrocession fees for UBS and third-party funds
  • Centralization of fund portfolios and standardized reports
  • Quarterly settlement and payment of retrocession fees for funds booked with UBS Deutschland AG
  • Calculation of payments based on each individual fund
  • Global financial products expertise and an open and transparent product architecture

Our efficient and user-friendly systems minimize your expenses and offer you:

  • A high degree of operational security
  • Tailored pricing
  • Modern online systems, such as UBS Connect and interfaces to connect to your system
  • Unit, block and volume orders with three decimal places
  • Comprehensive reports down to individual statements for securities
  • Automated account clearing and reinvestment of fund distributions
  • Access to leading tools such as UBS Equity and Foreign Exchange Investor for the online launch of products for client portfolios

You will receive access to the attractive and reliable services of a global asset manager.
These services boast:

  • Individually managed mandates, baskets or asset mandates
  • Transparent and individually-developed product solutions
  • Investment of maturity benefits at UBS
  • Exclusive access to UBS information and financial publications
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Individual training sessions
  • Assistance with the selection of an asset manager

Our capital market and product specialists provide you with broad-based advice and can support you in selecting and creating individual solutions geared to your specific requirements such as:

  • The design and booking of tailored structured products
  • Information on investment instruments with capital protection to supplement portfolio returns
  • The development of hedging and optimization strategies
  • Invitations to events about the capital market and product related topics with world renowned analysts and strategists
  • Access to the Quotes platform for UBS Research, price information, FundFinder and much more

We will also provide you with a dedicated team for launching private label funds.