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Whether business-specific or regulatory-focused, we lead and sponsor research studies to better understand the needs of our clients and the future of the industry.

IFZ Study – Are Swiss EAMs prepared for change?

The Institute for Financial Services Zug (IFZ), together with the support of UBS Global FIM, BDO, Reuss Private and VQF, completed a research study in early 2016 in relation to compliance within the European Financial Market, including the well-known FinSA/FinIA (FIDLEG/FINIG) legislation. The goal of the survey was to better understand the status quo and identify which activities Swiss FIMs have planned to ensure compliance with FinSA/FinIA regulations.


WealthBriefing Asia – External Asset Managers in Asia – New Directions for a Rapidly-Expanding Sector

UBS FIM Asia Pacific in collaboration with WealthBriefingAsia have published the second issue of a research study that examines Asia's external asset manager market and explores the market outlook. Discussing regulation, fee models and the investment mix, among other highly relevant issues, the report includes thought-provoking content from a survey of Asian external asset managers (EAMs) and interviews with industry experts.