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Training – Timing the market

How well can you time the market?

Duration: 1-2 minutes

Calculator – Retirement

What is your pension gap?

Duration: 1 minute

Not yet available in the US

Tool – Financial personality

Which portfolio best fits your investor type?

Duration: 1-2 minutes

Not yet available in the US

Tool – Future technology

Which opportunities should you watch?

Duration: 1-2 minutes

Tool – Economic cycles

Can you predict what will happen next?

Duration: 1 minute

Tool – Hedge funds

How have hedge funds performed over time?

Duration: 2-3 minutes

Tool – Financial markets

Can you identify market reactions?

Duration: 3-4 minutes

Quiz – Sustainable investing

What is sustainable investing?

Duration: 1-2 minutes

Game – Demographics

How well do you know Millennials?

Duration: 2-3 minutes

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