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Highlights from the latest US House View live discussion

Our Chief Investment Office in the US discussed the most important investment-related topics for US investors, including expectations for the Federal Reserve, an update on US-China trade, and our latest recommended House View positioning.

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Federal Reserve cuts rates in pursuit of its dual mandate

Guest: Brian Rose, Host: Daniel Cassidy

UBS On-Air: CIO Reaction

Post-FOMC reflections


31 July: The Fed has spoken! Brian Rose, Senior Economist Americas, from the UBS Chief Investment Office, breaks down for us the outcome of the highly anticipated July Fed meeting. Brian touches on the Fed statement, Fed Chair Jerome Powell's press conference, the market response and more. Host: Daniel Cassidy

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Unchartered territory

The US economy reached its 10th anniversary in July, making this the longest expansion in US history, and there is now some concern that a recession can't be far away. These concerns are only reinforced by the recent slowing of growth. But as we've pointed out repeatedly, recessions are not "temporal events" determined by a clock or calendar, they are instead "conditional events." So the good news is that cycles don’t die of old age – the even better news is that the US economy appears to be headed for an extended soft-landing.

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Be prepared: Plan, protect, grow

To be prepared for the road ahead, it’s critical for investors to think about having a plan, protecting the downside, and looking for growth opportunities. We present the Plan, Protect and Grow framework.

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