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Monthly spotlight Finding value and managing risk

Markets remain volatile following one of the worst single months since the bull market began in 2009. What drove the sell-off?

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Here is the #1 way a yield curve inversion could hurt your portfolio

If you look at the statistics, the #1 way a US yield curve inversion can hurt your portfolio is if it makes you reflexively sell stocks. But we see a number of reasons why equity investors have better things to worry about than the yield curve.

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Is it time to increase equity exposure?

The equity bull market faces a number of risks, but corporate earnings and economic growth remain strong, financial conditions are supportive, and there are few signs of overheating.

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We believe October’s sell-off created a buying opportunity

We also continue to hold certain counter-cyclical positions that can help protect portfolios against downside risks.

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Strong macro environment should support a healthy US holiday season

The current macro backdrop is supportive of a very healthy holiday season.

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Are you prepared? Risk scenarios to watch

Rather than belabor recent performance, now is a good time for investors to rebalance their portfolios back to their benchmarks.

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