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14 march 2019 Brexit Brief: Delayed

Another day, another Brexit vote, which resulted in an extension to the Article 50 deadline. However, as is always the case with Brexit, things are never that simple.

13 march 2019 Brexit Brief: No-deal, no more

In the second of a series of Brexit votes that took place last week, MPs voted to reject the option of leaving the EU without a deal.

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12 March 2019 Brexit Brief: Handing over control

A last-minute effort to secure legally binding changes to the Withdrawal Agreement was not enough to convince MPs to back Prime Minister May's deal, which suffered a second defeat in the House of Commons.

12 March 2019 Currency comment: Sterling takes a wild ride

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement (WA) has again been
defeated in the UK Parliament. Discover what impact this has on sterling.

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12 March 2019 Brexit uncertainty persists after government defeat

The UK government's plan to withdraw from the EU has suffered a second defeat in Parliament, despite renewed assurances from European negotiators over the contentious Irish backstop clause. So what comes next?

07 March 2019 Will UK Lawmakers approve a Brexit deal?

The outcome of the Brexit negotiations remains highly uncertain. As a result, the UK's future is wide open. The chances are rising for a delay, a general election, a second referendum, or even no Brexit at all.

20 February 2019 Currency comment: GBPUSD outlook

Brexit uncertainty remains the key downside risk to GBPUSD over the next three months.

19 February 2019 Currency comment: EURGBP outlook

Delays to the process, or even going down the route of a second referendum or general election, could create considerable uncertainty for sterling.

15 February 2019 Brexit Brief: Running down the clock

May has adopted a tactic that those familiar with European negotiations should be accustomed to – running down the clock.

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