The Decade of Transformation

Choose your journey and try to achieve your goals.

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The goal of the game

Welcome to the Decade of Transformation. While the next decade looks to be more challenging than the last one, investors will still need to balance their short-term needs against their long-term goals. We'd all like to pay our bills in full, retire on time, and grow our wealth as much as possible, but these objectives are often in conflict. With this in mind, we've built this simulation to help you evaluate how to navigate the decade ahead in this game.

How it works

In our simulation, you can choose from four journeys, each of which has a challenge, risk, or opportunity for you to consider: monetary madness, demographic dangers, geopolitical gyrations, and technological transformation.

Once you choose your journey, you start the simulation with USD 5 million. At the beginning of each round (there will be 3), you will be told a little about what the world looks like, and what lies ahead. Using this information— as well as your spending goals, which you can select from a menu of high- and low-priced items—you get to choose your allocation to cash and stocks. Earning a return in your portfolio requires taking risks (e.g. stocks), while making sure you can pay your bills requires limiting your risk (e.g. bonds or cash). To succeed in this game you need to balance these goals, acquiring as much stuff as possible and maximizing your portfolio growth at the same time.

Your score will reflect these dueling objectives. There are a total of 10 stars you can achieve if you play the game perfectly. Here's how the scoring is set up:

  • 1 star if you make money in a round based on your investment allocation
  • 1 star if you buy one of the lower-priced items (250,000, 500,000, 1,000,000)
  • 2 stars if you buy one of the high-priced items (1,500,000, 2,500,000)

Good luck!