Your comparative guide to buying property in the Alps 2018

Discover the essentials property investors need to consider when buying property in the Alps including the best accessibility, price and of course, skiing.

07 Nov 2018

What do you need to consider when buying property in the Alps? Which vacation destination is most appealing to tourists? Are prices for second homes going to rise (again)? Read more and find out the answers and compare residential property prices across prime winter wonderlands.

In the UBS Alpine Property Focus study, the UBS Chief Investment Office Global Wealth Management investigates the prime vacation locations in Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy. The study compares residential property prices, location characteristics and market prospects.

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Have property prices in the Alps dropped?

Prices for vacation homes in the Swiss Alpine region have recovered slightly. However, the price trends lag those of the top destinations in Austria and France.


As was the case last year, Engadin/St. Moritz is the most expensive tourist destination in the Alpine region. A good-quality vacation apartment in the area costs around CHF 15,000 per square meter. This is around 7% more than in last year.


The French resort of Courchevel is within the top-five spots for most expensive Alpine vacation destination where good-quality second homes fetch around CHF 13,000 per square meter.


Kitzbühel in Austria is also within the top-five spots for the most expensive Alpine vacation destination. Overall, prices in the Austrian Alps are almost 20% higher than in 2013.

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Top vacation apartment markets in Switzerland

The breakdown

The table of leading vacation apartment markets focuses on destinations with a price per square meter of over CHF 8,000, sorted by price. While extensive, the list does not capture all properties or locations within these parameters. We also sort the list by market size and data availability.

Price category one: Price per square meter over 8,000 Swiss francs

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