2018 CIO Global Forum

Fast Forward:
Navigating a world of accelerating change

Truly major change doesn't transform one small corner of an industry or technology — it disrupts the status quo, creates unexpected opportunities, and transforms the very foundations of our society. And while the world has always changed faster than we can keep up, progress now advances so quickly that we can scarcely make sense of the world we now live in — much less predict what may come next.

That's why the theme of this year's CIO Global Forum is Fast forward: Navigating a world of accelerating change. We've assembled some of the world's leading thought leaders to help us chart our way through this era of unprecedented change. The goal of the Forum is to make sense of the complexity and turn these insights into action.

We'll discuss the changing political and economic landscape and the outlook for a more complex and multi-polar world, dive into how we can help meet the challenge of finding a sustainable path for human progress as the population approaches 10 billion in the next 30 years, and tackle the subject of disruption and innovation — and how investors can tap into opportunities as technology continues to transform society.

To put it simply, we are entering the most exciting and concerning time of our lives.

Investing for returns and for good

Below, Andrew Lee and Mike Ryan discuss one of 2018 Global CIO Forum’s key topics — sustainable investing.

Andrew Lee

Head of Sustainable Impact Investing

UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office

Sustainable investing has become a growing topic of interest, as wealthy individuals look for opportunities to contribute to social and environmental outcomes beyond their philanthropic work.

But without established conventions for describing and incorporating social and environmental objectives, investors have faced challenges in seamlessly implementing them in portfolios.

To address this challenge, CIO Global Wealth Management has developed a new sustainable investing portfolio framework. The result is a series of portfolios that allow investors to incorporate people and planet considerations, without having to sacrifice financial returns.

Mike Ryan, CFA

Chief Investment Officer Americas

UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office