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How would a trade war affect global markets?

Nicholette MacDonald-Brown - Senior European PM & Co-Head of Pan European Research, Schroders

Lisa Coleman - Head of Global Credit, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Outside View

  • The trade conflict could cause markets to wobble. But this could create buying opportunities in asset markets.
  • The risk to this upbeat scenario would come if the Trump administration is seeking challenge the "Made in China 2025" initiative, aimed at upgrading Chinese industry.
  • The main global trade tension is between the US and China, over intellectual property violations and the scale of China's bilateral surplus.
  • The US disputes with the EU and NAFTA should be easier to resolve.

UBS House View

  • The escalation in trade tensions has become a growing risk for markets, causing us to reduce our exposure to global equities.
  • We still expect the conflict to be resolved and are not expecting an imminent end to the global economic upswing.
  • But uncertainties have mounted and equity markets are only pricing in the first-order impacts of tariffs that are about to go into effect.
  • Investors are not yet pricing the possibility of larger second-order effects, such as lower investment and hiring by businesses.

Which of the below will be impacted most by a trade war?

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