Break out sessions

Invest with style

Claudia Panseri

Style investing can improve investment outcomes and help to reduce tail risks and drawdowns. Timing matters: certain styles are better suited to particular phases of the investment cycle. Find out how your preferred investment style matches up to the current phase.

Sustainable investing for performance plus impact

Rachel Whittaker

What is sustainable investing and how is it different from impact investing? What are the motivations for sustainable investing, and what’s driving the growth we’re seeing in SI? Understand the social and environmental benefit of your portfolio, and learn how to invest sustainably whatever your risk/return profile.

Gender lens investing

Rachel Whittaker

Why is gender equality a critical global issue? How can private wealth address gender equality through business, networks, philanthropy and investment? And how can you invest with a gender lens?

Explore a world impacted by mega trends

Lachlan Towart

Population growth, aging, and urbanization are robust trends that UBS believes will endure over the coming decade, despite the economic cycle and periods of political uncertainty. Long-term investments in selected areas touched by these trends should achieve superior growth over time.

How women can best protect and grow their wealth

Marianna Mamou

To understand the female wealth gap, we’ll look at key factors that affect women's wealth compared to men's, and how events in women’s lives and attitudes toward investing can shape their finances. Then we’ll see how women can take steps to protect and grow their wealth.

How to make a remarkable difference to the lives of children

Claire Freymond and Dhun Davar

Learn about impactful philanthropy so that all children have a chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe. The team from UBS Optimus Foundation will introduce you to their innovative, transformative, scalable and sustainable programs.

Meet "Average Jane" (pension systems in different countries)

Jackie Bauer

Are you saving for your retirement? Wherever you live, you can no longer rely on mandatory pension schemes to take care of your old age. To retire comfortably and securely, private savings and smart investments are crucial. The UBS International Pension Gap Index reviews pensions in 12 countries worldwide, and has found significant pension gaps (the difference between retirement income and costs). See where you stand.

What are the different asset classes

Nicole Krieger

What are the specific characteristics of each asset class, e.g. equities, fixed income currencies, commodities, real estate and alternative investments? And what are they good for?

How UBS invests with success (investment process)

Nicole Krieger

The UBS CIO investment process is designed to achieve replicable, high-quality results through applying intellectual rigor, strong process governance, clear responsibility, and a culture of challenge. But how do we arrive at our recommendations? What makes our investment process different from other wealth managers', and how does it work?