Securities lending Enhance your performance

Securities lending is an important component of the financial system as it helps increase the liquidity and efficiency of capital markets. It also contributes to narrow the differences between sell and buy prices, thus supporting the market and ensuring that all investors achieve fairer prices for their assets.

Your key benefits at a glance

  • With securities lending you can enhance the performance of your portfolio by generating additional revenues.
  • The global distribution network if UBS lending pool to borrowers around the world means a growing demand for lendable securities and optimizes the return on your securities in case they are borrowed
  • There is no impact on your ability to trade your portfolio while securities are on loan as sales are still possible
  • Any income generated by securities on loan (dividends/coupons)is credited to your account
  • Proxy voting
  • Specific securities can be withdrawn from the program temporarily, for example to exercise voting rights. You also have the right to terminate the agreement at any time