Performance & risk analytics Get transparency on your overall assets

You are aware of the increasing pressure on performance and of the stricter regulatory requirements. You know the investment process transparency standards are undergoing fundamental changes. Performance & Risk Analytics offers you an analysis of your portfolio structure, performance figures and risk indicators. Additionally, the analysis will enable you to define your overall investment and trading strategy. You will always have an overview and be able to retain control of your investment activities with clear, understandable performance and risk analysis, which can be accessed at any time through the very latest online portfolio information system UBS Asset Wizard.

Our offering

  • Illiquid and non bankable assets will be integrated in the evaluation.
  • Standard reporting package on allocation, performance, risk and liquidity
  • Tailored reports on investment guideline monitoring and cost analysis
  • Tailored analysis report on return contribution and performance attribution
  • Highly specialized add-on reports for private equities, fund look-through and peer group reporting
  • Multi Bank Reporting

Your benefits

  • Holistic overview of your assets across all asset classes and current risk and return profile
  • Transparency on risk concentrations, factors and performance drivers
  • Increased efficiency through portfolio optimization