Luxury items

Whether it’s the world’s most exclusive wristwatch or a rare customized vehicle, the UBS VIP Services team knows where to look and will stop at nothing to obtain it for you.

Typically, when you tell us what you are seeking, we get down to the business of research and draw up a list of providers. We check out their range and the availability of the item in question. We then introduce you to leading specialists in the field and help you purchase the item you desire. If necessary, we can arrange for the packaging and delivery of the item, either to you or to the intended recipient. *

* Please note that the dispatch and transportation of the items are done at the expense and the risk of the client. The client is further liable for costs of customs formalities, duties, taxes and other official charges payable. The third party providers of the items and/or UBS may, unless otherwise instructed, decide on the kind and means of dispatch, the transportation route, the forwarding agent, the carrier, and the packaging at their sole discretion after due assessment of the circumstances.


Important legal information

Please read the important legal information with the legal terms applicable to the UBS VIP Services.