UBS VIP Services

There are billions of ways we can make your life as easy as possible.

At UBS, we offer bespoke travel, luxury and entertainment services and more to our most valued clients – yourself included.

Here are just a few of the ways we want to cater to you.

Bridging from financial to personal matters our UBS VIP Services team will do what it takes to find the best possible solution.

Every request is handled discreetly, individually, honestly and tailored to your preferences.

Our UBS VIP Services are completely complimentary, and only available to a select group of our most valued clientele.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance, and we won't release any personal information without your consent.

Our elite services are made possible by our extensive network of high-level partners and connections across the globe.

Our partners and suppliers know our standards, and in turn, the quality of services we give to our most exclusive clientele. They respect our commitment to discretion, and entrust us with the same.

Important legal information

Please read the important legal information with the legal terms applicable to the UBS VIP Services.