How can all succeed if many are held back?

Equal pay. Access to education. The eradication of forced marriages. Not to have to teach daughters to walk home at night, keys clutched in hand. A better world for women will make a better world for all. Explore Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender Equality

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Thanks Billie Jean for joining the #TOGETHERBAND campaign

Billie Jean King, sports icon, civil rights advocate, founder of BJK Leadership Initiative, #TOGETHERBAND ambassador for Goal 5


Thanks Phyllis Costanza for joining the #TOGETHERBAND campaign

Phyllis Costanza, Head UBS in Society and CEO UBS Optimus Foundation


They tackle this goal

Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI)

#TOGETHERBAND supports them by raising awareness of their work and aims to raise funding through band sales.

Their aims

Achieve leadership that is inclusive and that leads to significant changes in how men and women operate in the world.

What they do

The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative is committed to promoting equality and inclusion and advocates equal pay for equal work. The foundation holds three pillars: Lift, Learn, and Lead, and collaborates with companies to increase diverse opportunities at all corporate levels.

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