The ABCs of change

Want to achieve gender equality? Develop education. Improve health? Develop education. Increase financial independence? Develop education. See a trend? So do we. Explore Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education.

How #TOGETHERBAND is helping

Quality Education India Development Impact Bond

#TOGETHERBAND aims to raise awareness of DIB's work as well as funding through band sales.

What they do: Quality Education India Development Impact Bond brings together three nonprofit partners, teachers and families in India to increase the quality of teaching and school leadership and encourage regular school attendance.

Their aim: To change the lives of 300,000 primary school children in India through improved quality of education.

Read about their progress and current results here.

Who's passionate about Quality Education?


Lewis Hamilton

Six-time Formula One World Champion, #TOGETHERBAND ambassador for Goal 4


Peter Tabichi

Winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize, #TOGETHERBAND expert for Goal 4

How you can help by buying a #TOGETHERBAND

#TOGETHERBAND is an initiative to raise awareness and funds for all 17 UN Global Goals. 17 Goals, 17 bracelets. In each pack you'll get two bands - wear one as a symbol of support for your goal. Share the other to spread the word.

Learning brings opportunities

Across the firm, we are seeing clients turn to us for advice on how they can finance the transition to a lower-carbon economy, support sustainable finance and better tackle twenty-first century risks.

That's why we've put together goal-specific insights from across our business divisions; Global Wealth Management, Asset Management and Investment Banking, to help you answer the question – Do your investments match your values?

Read from our UBS experts

  • The changing face of education and how a technical revolution is bringing it to the masses. Read more here.
  • Education services at a glace from UBS's Chief Investment Office. Read visual one pager (PDF, 257 KB).
  • Coronavirus: what can we learn from China? Read UBS's Asset Management perspective here.
  • Discover the impact of quality education in Sierra Leone from Rising Academies; the for-profit education company of Global Visionary Paul Skidmore, in their three year impact report. Read the factsheet.

The UBS Global Visionaries tackling this goal

Keeping education alive during Covid-19

In response to Covid-19, UBS Global Visionary Paul Skidmore's Rising Academies has ensured students shut out of school even in the remotest areas of Africa now have access to quality teaching through radio and SMS 4 more

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