The power of a full stomach

Food is a basic human need. Without it, individuals are frozen in survival mode. But if we can clear this obstacle, we can open paths to higher development. Explore Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero hunger.

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#TOGETHERBAND helps fight hunger

With The Power of Nutrition

#TOGETHERBAND supports charities and organisations such as The Power of Nutrition by raising awareness around what they do, as well as funding through band sales.

What they do: Target women – especially during pregnancy and motherhood – infants and young children to improve the quality of nutrition in the crucial first 1,000 days of a child’s life and through early childhood.

Their aim: Tackle the scourge of child malnutrition by working with governments to roll out high impact nutrition programs to children, teenagers and mothers at risk.

Show and share your passion too

17 Goals, 17 bracelets. This one represents SDG 2 Zero hunger. When you buy a pack you actually receive two bands - One to wear as a symbol of support, one to share to spread the word.

Curbing hunger with every investment

Across the firm, we are seeing clients turn to us for advice on how they can finance the transition to a lower-carbon economy, support sustainable finance and better tackle twenty-first century risks.

That's why we've put together goal-specific insights from across our business divisions; Global Wealth Management, Asset Management and Investment Banking, to help you answer the question – Do your investments match your values?


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