Strength in numbers in times of solidarity

Now, more than ever, individuals, organizations and governments must adopt a shared vision to combat COVID-19 on a global, regional, national and local level. With all areas of business, home and foreign policy affected, the decisions we make today will define the future we live in tomorrow. Explore Sustainable Development Goal  17  – Partnerships for the goals, how it connects to the global situation, and what you can do to help.


How is #TOGETHERBAND helping?

We all have a responsibility to slow down the proliferation of the novel coronavirus by practicing social distancing and proper hygiene but in this turbulent time, #TOGETHERBAND wants to do more.

That's why until the end of July, our campaign partner the Bottletop Foundation created TOGETHER FUND. It will support Coronavirus emergency relief by raising funds to help the WHO-led COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) bring live-saving aid to those in need in addition to the life-changing projects advancing the 17 UNSDGs  that are part of the #TOGETHERBAND campaign.

So, despite being apart, we can help fight together. Visit the #TOGETHERBAND website to discover how you can contribute to delivering emergency aid to those who need it most.

The UN foundation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund is the first of its kind allowing individuals, philanthropies and businesses to contribute to the WHO-led effort to respond to the pandemic. You can learn more about the COVID-19 Response Fund here.

Médecins Sans Frontières is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization and UBS Optimus Foundation partner that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. You can learn more about MSF here.

How else is UBS helping?

Partnering with the federal government and other banks in Switzerland

With lockdowns enforced in many countries and restaurants, bars and shops being forced to close, many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to keep their heads above water. In Switzerland, we are supporting emergency measures announced by the Federal Council to support Swiss SMEs in conjunction with other Swiss banks. In addition, we are providing liquidity of several billion for our clients with an intact business model and enabling the suspension of amortization.

So far, we’ve provided 10,000 SMEs over CHF 1 billion in liquidity as part of the Federal Council's emergency lending program.

Partnering with foundations and non-profits

To assist the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus and alleviate suffering in the most impacted communities, UBS Optimus Foundation has launched an emergency response with our trusted partners Americares and the Beijing United Charity Foundation (BUCF) as well Médecins Sans Frontières and the Swiss Red Cross working in the areas of emergency relief. The goal is to facilitate front-line health and prevention needs around the globe, detect cases as they emerge and respond by ensuring emergency treatment capacity.

Through our UBS Community Affairs program, we’re also working to support local communities where we have a business presence. For example, in the United States we are collecting funds for No Kid Hungry (Share Our Strength). Emergency grant funds will support a wide-range of efforts, including home delivered meals and other steps to help reach kids and families who don’t have access to meals following school closures and massive displacement.

We’ve also committed USD 30 million to Swiss and global aid programs to address the most vulnerable in our communities, support our existing partners and match the donations from employees and clients.

What are the experts saying?

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